Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello and Happy Friday!


I was always a natural light guy. I was also always a film guy. Film and natural light, why would I need anything else? Well, I am now a digital guy and quickly becoming a strobist. I have been experimenting with flash. I have been playing with modifiers and straight flash. I am also starved for models to take photos of. I need to find more models, other than myself. So with that not-so-subtle lead in: Self-portaits.

They are the post today. Mostly the are an experiment with the flash . Every one of these photos was taken using a different method, all using my flash as the only light source. The changes involve diffusion, positioning, and not diffusing. There were 63 of these taken. Some came out horribly, others not so badly. I am learning, so here ya go:

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