Sunday, May 27, 2012

May comes and it goes.

Dear Reader,

Another May has come and gone. I have been at times productive, exuberant, depressed, annoyed, elated, mildly happy, concerned, indifferent, apathetic, truly interested, and a host of other emotions and states. In other words, I have been a normal human. How about you?

Well it is Memorial Day weekend here in the good old USA, and I spent last week shooting some images that kind of reminded me of that. I also shot some things which didn't. But, summer approaches and I look forward to the feel of summer. I will be dedicating some future time to summer shots. I also have two re-edits of previous shots.

As it is, here are my spring is coming to an end shots, for this week at least:

I hope you enjoy. Also I hope you are enjoying your weekend, or if it is over that the workday is off to a good start. I look forward to hearing from you. As usual, leave any comments below. I would love to hear from you.



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sundays in May

So another Sunday has come and gone. I went for a photo hike through Boston with my friend Michael. We went to the North end for pastries, and then hit Beacon Hill, where we got down to the business of taking photos. Michael has had some experiences with lenses of a different (read that military) nature. It was interesting to discuss the differences and similarities between the lenses we have both looked through on our paths through life.

So here are the photos from Beacon Hill and the Public Gardens. I ended up lending my flash to a woman and man who were trying to take a photo of the fountain with a camera phone. They were timing it with her exposure and he would just manually fire the flash. I hope they got something usable.

Once I read somewhere, that the street with the cobblestone is the most photographed street in America. I'm not sure if it is true, but I can see why. 

P.S. Michael's eye and input were invaluable in getting these shots. He has a real latent talent for seeing light and the way it plays off the detail in a scene. Also his eye for leading lines in the photos is top-notch. I may have gone my own way with one or two of the shots that I took, but mostly I compromised with the input from Michael. With some practice and refinement, I believe he could easily be a very good professional photographer. As far as I am concerned, the Copyright information on these photos will be changed to: Copyright Stephen Siteman/Michael King 2012 - when I get around to changing it in Lightroom.