Sunday, January 29, 2012

I HAVE RETURNED! (to my blog).

Hello. So I have not been here in a while. Work has been very stressful and time consuming. It does not exactly leave much time for taking photos and editing them. However, I did get my issue with my 50 mm prime lens taken care of. The people over at Hunt's Photography in Boston were very helpful and accommodating. Once I brought my lens over and they saw that whatever is wrong with it was not from my dropping of the lens; they replaced it with a new lens. So, of course I took a few pics. I am editing them in Lightroom, but these are a couple of the shots:

As with any new lens, the first thing I usually do is to go into the bathroom and shoot into the mirror. I have been doing this for years, ever since I got my first camera. I know it is not very creative or visually stimulating, but it is a ritual that I do. This image has been stripped of all colors except red. I bumped up the saturation a little on the red in Lightroom. This goes to show how much red pigment I have in my skin.  I would have thought I would appear much greyer.

As I was preparing to leave the apartment, I saw the light reflecting off of the dish detergent by the sink. I lined it up and created this image. Again, today is not a creative day, but rather a dry run for the new 50mm. The auto focus is much cleaner on this lens than the last one. I thought it was like that because it is an inexpensive lens. It turns out that the issue which made it inoperable was, apparently, happening the entire time that I had the lens. Oh well, things happen. Again, Thanks to the people at Hunt's in Kenmore Square for being kind of awesome. There is a bit of a mark up on their products. However the consistency of good service, from good people, is worth an extra buck or two.

So on to my last photo. This is Jesus. He lives down the street from me, in Malden MA. I feel bad for Jesus. He lives outside for the whole year. It must get cold in the winter. If I were Jesus, I would demand to be let inside. There is a rectory directly behind him. Jeez, I mean give a saviour a break. This particular image was shot on Main St. in Malden, near the Walgreen's. This particular image is also on the site of one of my earlier forays into the world of Lomo. Well enjoy. I will try not to be such a stranger to my blog.

Peace out and enjoy yourself.I am going to go annoy some people at BU by walking around with a camera around my neck. I find this usually freaks people right the heck out...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday - Blogging without Reason.

Today I read a few things on death and religion, Philosophy and the lack of it. It got me to thinking about death and other things.
This affected my photo choice today; because instead of getting out and taking new photos, I went back over the last couple of months and edited some of the shots that have been "gathering dust". So, here they are.

I have to change my copyright date also.. wahoo. 2012. Mayans better have been wrong.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Insomnia and Bokeh.

I have been having trouble sleeping lately. Insomnia. Every time I turn out the lights, my head starts running at 6,000 mph. Too much on my mind I guess. Anyway, when I am unable to sleep I usually either read or edit photos. Today I have decided on a new tactic. I will blog (about pictures).

Insomnia and bokeh. This was created using my sister's X-mas tree and my EF 50mm prime lens:
 This was made with the same lens but a different set of xmas lights:

I like the bokeh. However I need to get my lens fixed. I wonder how much they will charge me for that. Hopefully there is still a warranty.

Zeitgeist Photography: It's the little things. Wait, or is it just Tuesda...

Zeitgeist Photography: It's the little things. Wait, or is it just Tuesda...: I had kind of a bad day today. It wasn't work or anything. I was actually pretty productive for this time of year. I just had a blah feeling...

It's the little things. Wait, or is it just Tuesday?

I had kind of a bad day today. It wasn't work or anything. I was actually pretty productive for this time of year. I just had a blah feeling all day. You know how it is. You just feel off. Anyway, as I was walking home, I heard a song I have not heard in quite a long time. I came home, made dinner. Took some photos. Ate some cherries and pistachios; and you know what? Things don't seem all that bad anymore.
 OK, so it seems to be Tuesday. We are gearing up for the new semester at work. For today's post, I have decided to take some pictures of the cherries I was eating. I missed yesterday's post. I am a bad blogger. Anyway, I didn't get home until late and I just wanted to go to bed.

 (300 Cherries.)

 I decided to mess around with Lightroom for the posts today (in honor of having just figured out how to use a lot of the functions on here, and Lightroom 4 Beta being announced). I may download Lightroom 4 Beta, but first I must research how it will affect my version 3.

( Red Cherries from the top.)

So sweet, so awesome... I love real cherries. They are like an explosion of awesome in your mouth, I got burnt out on the candied cherries over the years, so actually eating real cherries kind of woke me up to how things could be again. And how could they be you ask??? Awesome.

 ( Sin City Cherries.)

 Thanks for reading. I hope you are all having a wonderful night/day. Remember it is the little things in life that really make the big differences.

Or to quote the dude, " That rug really ties the room together, man. "

(Red Cherries from the side.)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 2 - Sitting in Malden on a Sunday.

 So I decided to work on two shots today. One is another Lomo attempt. i will try not to over saturate my blog with any particular style. However, I just learned how to do this and want to see what I can come up with for it.
The other is a photo I took of the Charles river at sunset over the summer. I will be getting more images today when I leave the apartment, but as of now this is what I had to work on. Hope that everyone is having a good day out there.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 1 - Boston Pigeons

So I am starting my photography blog today. The first blog is a bit of a mixed bag. I was ill yesterday and woke up today saying, " I gotta get out for a bit." It is unseasonably warm in Boston this year. So, I went to the commons and took some shots of pigeons. Unfortunately, my 50mm prime seems to be a bit banged up. I was able to use it to get the shots, but I think it needs to a) go to the "lens hospital" or b) go to the recycling plant. Luckily it is the plastic fantastic from Canon, and if I have to replace it it won't cost me too much (though I really hate to lose a lens-especially one which I am really getting to understand).

 So, I came home and loaded my images into Lightroom 3. I chose two which were a bit blurred, as I was playing with tracking the birds as they circled around myself and the other pedestrians in the area. There were about 80-100 pigeons in a small area. They were on the hunt for food of any sort. I accidentally dropped some of the muffin that I was eating, and the opportunities presented themselves.
I played around with different effects for the photos. for one I went with a dark and gritty image. For the other I tried my hand at replicating a Lomo effect. I used two images with a lot of blur and motion because I wanted to show what it was like being in the midst of all those pigeons circling around you. Aside from Venice, the only other thing I could think of is the scene in Batman Begins when the bats are flying around Bruce Wayne in the cave.