Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines lay in pieces on the ground.

So it is Saturday evening. I am glad to any of you who have come across my post. I am especially thankful for the followers of my little corner of the web. I appreciate you all very much. It was rainy today and I lived in fear of getting my camera wet as I went about taking care of my responsibilities. However, soon after 3 PM the clouds cleared up and the sun came out. I was in a much better, and drier, frame of mind. I found some old photos taken with a point and shoot that I used to have. I edited one of them for this post. It is difficult because the quality of the image was not fantastic to begin with. To give a hint: it's the B&W one. The others were taken today. I bought a small rose bush at the local supermarket and came home with my flash and shot off 60 something pics. I would be posting more, but I have to go out and take more photos.

The other photo is Downtown Crossing in Boston, by the Macy's building. I liked the look of it. Hopefully you do too.

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