Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday, Feb 5th - Happy Superbowl Sunday.

Yes, Happy Superbowl Sunday. Once again the New England Patriots will be playing the NY Giants. In a testament to strength, honor, and violence; two teams will come together in a blood bath. The battle is the second time these two titans of the arena have met in a superbowl. Will Tom Brady and the Patriots be able to overcome the defeat handed to them by this team during their last meeting? Will Eli Manning prove that he is an elite quarterback? Will he be able to say "Hey, I have the right to hang out with Brady and my brother."?
Who knows? Who cares about the last part, aside from Manning himself. I am cheering for the Pats to crush the Giants and grind them into the ground. But this is not a football blog. It is a photography blog. (Stay tuned on this blog for a special set of links at the end. My brother is a poet, among other things and I will give links to his work. He is also a professor at Suffolk University in Boston, and is working on a law degree. His name is Chrstopher Siteman. Read his poems damnit! Ha. No, seriously, check out his work.)
So, without further ado, here we go:

 I went to work today and made these photos on the way in and after I set up my gig. I ran some pretty quick edits while trying to warm up. It was so cold by the Charles River in Boston:


 I also played around with some B&W edits: 

This statue is in honor of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:


 I like the flag in the archway. I took four shots of this trying to get the flag right. Unfortunately the sun was not cooperating. I wanted it to dress up like the sun in the California Raisins commercials, but it wouldn't put on sun glasses:

 Is there anything more inspiring than an empty place? It is brimming with possibility. Look in the distance. Imagine anything you want. Now fill it up. You are the dreamer. No go dream the dream.

Here are my brother's links. Please give them a look:

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