Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gestalt and the lightness of being.

So I have another entry. One of my new favorite photos is in this batch. It is my first attempt at doing Gestalt photography on purpose. I have done it many times in the past, however never on purpose. For those reading this, gestalt is basically an unfinished thing or idea. So the image is unfinished. it breaks the rules of photography by cutting off the image. It makes your mind work at finishing the photo itself instead of being force fed what I want you to see. You become an active part of the process as opposed to a passive viewer.

Also i broke the rules further by cutting off in a place where most people would growl at me and shake their fists. But I don't care. It's where I wanted the image to cut off. I find it creates a feeling of tension. at least I think so.

So without further ado... my new batch of photos.
I like it so much I did it in B&W:

 This is roxy. She's keeping an eye on things here.

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