Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Spring Pics


I was out in the back yard and taking pics of some flowers there. I used my flash to get some directional light and used a gel to add some warmth. I edited these photos in LR4. I am getting used to the differences in LR4, however it still behaves slower than LR3 on my computer. I'm hoping that Adobe comes out with an update that will speed it up, or that the purchased version will be a bit quicker (I am using the trial version).

So here are my flowers. Some are multiple edits of the same file.

So for some of the photos I decreased the saturation while boosting vibrance. On others I popped up the vibrance and added a little saturation. For others I went straight to B&W. I also did some tweaking with clarity. This makes some of the photos appear to be a bit soft, which I think adds a bit of a dream-like quality. If you want to know more about specific photos, just ask and I will tell you all the geeky, editing that I did. :)

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