Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 1 - Boston Pigeons

So I am starting my photography blog today. The first blog is a bit of a mixed bag. I was ill yesterday and woke up today saying, " I gotta get out for a bit." It is unseasonably warm in Boston this year. So, I went to the commons and took some shots of pigeons. Unfortunately, my 50mm prime seems to be a bit banged up. I was able to use it to get the shots, but I think it needs to a) go to the "lens hospital" or b) go to the recycling plant. Luckily it is the plastic fantastic from Canon, and if I have to replace it it won't cost me too much (though I really hate to lose a lens-especially one which I am really getting to understand).

 So, I came home and loaded my images into Lightroom 3. I chose two which were a bit blurred, as I was playing with tracking the birds as they circled around myself and the other pedestrians in the area. There were about 80-100 pigeons in a small area. They were on the hunt for food of any sort. I accidentally dropped some of the muffin that I was eating, and the opportunities presented themselves.
I played around with different effects for the photos. for one I went with a dark and gritty image. For the other I tried my hand at replicating a Lomo effect. I used two images with a lot of blur and motion because I wanted to show what it was like being in the midst of all those pigeons circling around you. Aside from Venice, the only other thing I could think of is the scene in Batman Begins when the bats are flying around Bruce Wayne in the cave.

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