Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chess and candy.

More photos.

This set of photos was taken at my job on my day off. Someone has a glass chess set and another photographer and I were messing around waiting to assist one of our student employees with a computer issue. So we set up our cameras, got out my flash and gels, and here is what we came up with:

Lit with a Canon 580 EXII. It is lit from the back to the left at about a 45 degree angle, red gel. The speedlite is powered down to about 1/16. The shutter speed is set to bring the ambient light way down. This was a brightly lit room with florescent lighting.

Same as above. Focus is on the front king. Speedlite is raised somewhat above the pieces which gives the highlight at the front of the piece. The light is shooting through the pieces. 

The next two photos are shot from below. The Speedlite was placed on the floor and shot up through a gap which the set was suspended over. The shutter speed was brought down to almost kill the ambient light in the room. Blue and red gels respectively. I use Honl gels with a Honl speedstrap. 

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